Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inept Crafting: Duct Tape Wallet

Greetings Internet!

Well, today is going to be a change, I don't have any cosplay things to post, so I was struggling to find something to blog about. Thankfully for my blogging career, a spot of inspiration struck me. So without further ado (which in all honest I love to do): Making a Duct Tape Wallet! Yes you read that correctly, we are going to be making a wallet out of duct tape, and this time, I'll be having no help from anyone! Albeit I am using my sister's old duct tape purse (wasn't she cool) as a reference! So let's do this!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kirito Cosplay: Part 2: Cutting the Sword

Greetings Internet!

Well surprisingly enough, I've actually cut out the the sword all ready! Well to be fair I cut it out a couple of  days ago but have been too lazy to actually post. Still here I am, better late than never eh?

Well let's actually go in-depth here and offer some actual insight into how I did this, so that you the reader can either, laugh at my horrible setup and cosplay techniques or take heed of what I've done and use it when you try to cosplay!

So the tools you'll need to start are as follows:

1. Sword Template done on Foam.
2. Some sort of cutting device (in my case a box cutter).
3. Something to cut on. (cardboard in my case.)
4. A ruler. (trust me, you need a ruler.)
5. A helpful friend!

Well then here's a picture of my setup and tools.
Amazing eh? Well to say the least this blog isn't called Master Nerding, so my terrible setup can be excused for now. Anyways what you want to do is cut out the drawing of your sword (duh), I found that using the ruler and box cutter like a pencil and ruler helped me cut straighter than by just free handing.