Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kirito Cosplay: Part 1: Sword Template

Greetings Internet!

Well every year here in Canada, we have an anime convention or two. Maybe three tops. One of these convention is AnimeNorth! AnimeNorth was the first convention I had ever cosplayed in (Itachi as I the Akatsuki robe was easy to make, and I needed no wig or makeup), and throughout the years I have well sometimes manged to always cosplay at that event.

This year will be no different! As you can tell by the title I will be cosplaying as Kirito from Sword Art Online fame, I myself am a huge fan of the light novels, and I must admit have not been keeping up with the anime or manga. I will eventually watch them! I promise, it's just well.... I'm lazy!

Inept Nerding: A Greeting

Greetings Internet!

Welcome to my blog, I am called CraftWork, and I currently reside in Canada. This blog will be all about anything nerdy, or that I personally think will bore my normal friends, but be interesting to nerd friends.

You can expect blog posts, on Anime, on Cosplaying, on Video Games, on Theater, on Movies, on TV, and on anything I feel like!

As you can guess from the title of this blog, I myself am not too adept at most avenues of nerding out, be it at cosplay, be it at games, or well most of what I listed... So this blog will also be a helpful guide for all of you, on how to act like a super nerd, but in reality you're not cool.

So welcome, I hope this first post was unhelpful as I sure think it is!